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    Minecraft Folder Download Mac

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    Minecraft Folder Download MacMinecraft Folder Download Mac

    Download the.minecraft file you want. Extract it using Archive Utility by double-clicking on the file. Find your user in /Users. (it will have your username on it, next to a thumbnail of a house).

    Minecraft Folder Download MacMinecraft Download For Mac Computer

    Quote from I am using minecraftSP application on my Mac, I have downloaded texture packs - zip file. Playon Tv For Mac Download. Ravenfield Free Download Mac. I don't have minecraft folder in Mac Application Support folder.

    Where should I put zip file? You're on OSX Lion right? Click on finder in your dock, hit 'go' in the top bar, hit 'go to folder.' , Type in ~/Library/Application Support/ Naviagate to minecraft folder and your set! And as a tip, you can drag the minecraft folder to the left side of a finder window to bookmark it, saves time if your big on mods:smile.gif.

    I am not currently running on a Mac at the moment, but I will walk you folks through as best as I can. I remember that there was a function that sets certain folders invisible and is only visible after toggling an option. Go to the folder that.minecraft was supposed to be in (something like Application Data, I believe) and click one the menu options at the very top (where the Apple logo is, etc.) to pull down a list of items to choose. While having a list open, hold either Ctrl, Alt, or the Command button on your keyboard and watch to see if an extra item pulls up on the list.

    If so, it should be called something like Hide Folders or something (I have no clue what it's called), and try clicking it. If the.minecraft folder shows up, you're in luck! I am fairly positive that this should fix the problem; good luck!